For 7 years now, we provide services of casting from polyurethane resin. In our products, we use resin of highest quality that come from well tested manufacturers. We realise small or single orders as well as big and long-term orders (500 pieces). We offer wide variety of model sizes. By default our figures are casted in grey colour and the resin can be coloured into other colours. Our products are of the highest quality. We pay special attention to making the casts identical to the master figure. Each of our casted models need to pass through detailed quality control.
We offer various options of packaging. If asked for (for an extra charge) it is possible to make the full sets in packages provided by the client. In order to get more information i.e. about the possibility of processing your order, please contact us at:
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Preparing for casting
(model by Szymon Skrzyprzak -

Model after casting (model by Szymon Skrzyprzak -

Color model (model by HQ Resin)