My name is Paweł Sterczewski and I am the founder of Starkiminiatures.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in modelling. I started making models when I was a teenager. I remember the first figure that I made. It was a model of a battleship Aurora. A long time ago it was a very popular model for crafting. When I was young I was also very interested in figures. I was most keen on making changes to them. I was swapping their arms, adding new equipment etc. Quite quickly it encouraged me to making my own models. Nowadays, I design and make my own figures in the scale of 1:9.

In the process of improving my own manual skills, I had an idea of multiplicating models. At first I was making resin casts for my colleagues, friends and myself.

Today marks 7 years since my first commercial cast of a client's model.

Continuously, I upgrade my products and service in order to meet expectations and demands from my clients. Also I develop my own models as a hobby. 10 years of Starkiminiatures is also a lot of rewards in many polish and international competitions. Some of my accomplishments are shown below: